Three Years of Laughter and Patience 


Date: October 16, 2020

Big Brother Dan and Little Brother Kyson have been matched for the last three years and have built a great friendship together! Their longevity and strong friendship became crucially important starting back in March when most of their regular activities and outings had to go virtual due to COVID. In coordination with Kyson’s mom, Dan made sure to stay in regular communication with Kyson via Facetime and phone calls. Over the summer, Dan safely dropped off a care package to help cheer up Kyson and help him cope with all the unexpected changes that were happening.

The pair have many things in common, but nothing more so than their love for football. Dan shared that he has enjoyed watching Kyson play football this season and cheering him on at his games. When Kyson was describing how the season was going so far, his excitement was evident over the phone!

During a match support call, Dan discussed helping Kyson explore his interests and stated that he sees obvious potential in Kyson. He shared that, “Not only athletically but also that he [Kyson] is really good in science and math and that he is very competitive in all three of those areas.”

When asked about what he has gained from being a mentor and Big Brother to Kyson, Dan shared, "Having no prior experience with child mentorship prior to meeting Kyson, I had no idea what to expect. The past three years have provided plenty of laughs, tests of patience (for both of us) and more fun than I can express. Kyson continues to have tremendous patience and understanding through this difficult time and the overall experience of getting to know him has made me a better person."

Even Kyson’s mom has noticed how her son’s friendship with Dan has made a positive impact over the years. When asked to expand, she said, “Kyson has calmed down a lot and overall, he is more focused.” We are so glad to have Kyson as a Little in our program and we are thankful to Dan for having his back all these years!