Reading Together, Growing Together


Date: September 14, 2020

During a recent check in, Little Sister Kylie described how she and her Big Sister Meghan have been keeping in touch. During weekly video chats, Meghan and Kylie are reading a chapter book together! Meghan made sure they both had a copy of the book so that she could help Kylie improve on her reading skills. According to Kylie, “Meghan is there to help me if I lose my spot or get distracted.” Meghan said that she has noticed ongoing growth in Kylie’s reading and is glad that they have found something they both love to do together.

The pair are continuing to spend time together and work towards their goal of increasing Kylie’s reading level even though they have only been interacting remotely. During a recent check in, Kylie’s mom noted how wonderful it was to hear them reading over the phone. Thanks to the continued focus on reading, Kylie's mom does not have any concerns for her daughter this school year.

When asked to reflect on the past few months with Kylie, Meghan said, ”Every time I speak with her, she brings a smile to my face....[I] strive to be better at being the mentor she needs...[and] hope to live up to being the role model she is looking for...[as she] grows to become an even more amazing young lady."