Couple Takes on a BIG Adventure

Date: August 7, 2020

At the start of their match, Big Couple Michael and Morgan were excited to start their relationship with their new Little Brother Dominic. With Dominic being a quiet and reserved child, Michael and Morgan knew that it would take consistency and understanding to develop a strong friendship. Michael and Morgan scheduled weekly Zoom meetings with Dominic to ensure that he and his family were staying safe but also to make sure that Dominic understood that he had two additional caring adults in his life.

When the couple realized the stress the pandemic was causing for Dominic, they decided to join him in online weekly video game outings. Once they were able to start meeting again in person, they resumed their biweekly outings and kept in touch over the phone weekly. During the last outing, Dominic, Michael and Morgan went rock climbing and kayaking and it was clear that Dominic enjoyed every minute of the outing. Although Dominic was initially unsure about meeting and having two new strangers in his life, he now states that he has the best Big Brother and Big Sister because, “They really care about me and my family. We always have fun together, even when they are teaching me something new.”’

When asked to reflect over the past few months with Dominic, Morgan and Michael said “We have really enjoyed getting to know Dominic and his family. Dominic is an extremely smart and thoughtful kid. He has taught us how to be patient and how to be quick on our toes with his wit.“