Match Profile: What It's Like Being Leann's Big Sister

Date: November 17, 2020

Big Sister Chelsea and Little Sister Leanne have been matched for almost three and a half years and love doing activities that keep Leanne creative and active! Some of their favorite outings are based on Leanne’s love for reading, being outside, doing arts and crafts, and going to sporting events like baseball, and hockey!

The pair work on math together and help Leanne develop her love for reading! Chelsea describes Leanne as, “having a large heart, caring, intelligent, and loves people and animals.” Chelsea also speaks highly of Leanne’s drawing skills describing her as an, “amazing artist.”  When we spoke with Leanne, she said that “Chelsea and I just click together and that some of my favorite activities have been when we just spend time together.” 

When asked to reflect on what she has gained from being a mentor to Leanne, Chelsea said, "Being a mentor to me has been really rewarding as I have seen the growth and changes that Leanne has gone through the past three years and I'm very proud of what a mature, intelligent, and generous human being she is. I have gained a lot of perspective from her ‘kid-wisdom’ and from her sharing her outlook of the world with me. She teaches me stuff all the time and makes me genuinely belly laugh at least once per outing! I'm so grateful to Big Brothers Big Sisters for our match."