Match Profile: Johnny and Xsavior

Date: January 27, 2021

Big Brother Johnny and Little Brother Xsavior are one of those matches that we knew would be great from the start. Xsavior is a sweet kid who is outgoing, competitive, friendly, athletic, and inquisitive. He was on our waiting list to be matched with a Big Brother for nearly three years. Xsavior and his mom are a team, and they both expressed the desire for him to be matched with a Big Brother that could be a positive, male role model. Xsavior also shared with us that he wanted to be matched with someone that enjoyed playing sports, watching movies, and just having a good time.

Big Brother Johnny is originally from Nashville, TN. He relocated to Charleston after attending law school and currently works as an attorney at Shelly Leeke Law Firm. Johnny is fun, loving, funny, kind, and has a laid-back personality. His interest in becoming a Big Brother stemmed from the constructive mentorship he received growing up and he desired to provide that same positive experience as a role model to a child in his community.

Johnny and Xsavior were first matched in November 2019 and they have been inseparable ever since! They enjoy taking walks, watching movies, getting lunch at their favorite spots, and playing golf and other sports together. With weekly outings brimming with adventure and their secret-brother-handshake, it is clear that their relationship is one to be treasured.

During a recent match support meeting, Xsavior’s mother shared that she is grateful for her son’s match because Johnny clearly enjoys being supportive to Xsavior. She admires the closeness of their friendship and feels that their bond, “is [a] one of a kind.” She expanded, “I couldn’t ask for a better Big Brother as Johnny is consistent, genuine, and truly cares about being involved with Xsavior.” She also said that Xsavior is, “always excited to spend time with Johnny and they even have their own cool lingo that I find is cute!” When asked about how he felt about his Big Brother, Xsavior stated, “I enjoy my bond with Johnny and hope we can spend time together as the years go on.” He thinks Johnny is cool and says that he feels comfortable talking with him about anything.

Johnny shared that in a short period of time, he and his fiancé have grown very fond of Xsavior and it is evident that he is included and cherished in Johnny’s life. He shared that, “Xsavior is my guy and I enjoy spending time with him.” When asked about how being a mentor to Xsavior as impacted him, he responded, “I’ve really learned more from him than he has from me. Whether it be patience or keeping things in perspective, Xsavior has been a great teacher. His willingness to try new things and give his all has inspired me to do the same in my life. I couldn’t recommend being a Big Brother enough.” We are excited to hear about the great moments these two will share in the future.