Match Profile: Joshua and Giovanni

Date: September 1, 2022

Giovann­­i is an 11-year-old who loves science, sports, and Marvel movies. His mother, Asteria, enrolled Giovanni in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to find a mentor that could support him during tough times and talk to him about the things that were challenging him. 

Giovanni was matched with his Big Brother, Joshua in March of 2021. Joshua had been considering becoming a mentor but when he heard that there was a need for Big Brothers specifically in his area of Daniel Island, he knew that it was the right time to get involved. Joshua hoped that having grown up in similar circumstances as Giovanni, he could bring positivity into his life and teach him that although bad things happen in the world, they do not have to define us.

Since being matched, Giovanni and Joshua have worked on improving Giovanni’s football and basketball skills, had consistent talks about how he is doing in school, and experimented with science kits. Although he is now an attorney, Joshua studied science in college. He shared that his love of science has been revitalized through his relationship with Giovanni. They recently held a scientific experiment that resulted in an erupting volcano!

Giovanni is grateful that Joshua lives nearby him on Daniel Island so that when he is having a bad day, Joshua can come by to visit. They have also experienced new things together like the county fair, a classic car show, and trying local food trucks.

Joshua describes Giovanni as “a thinker, someone who loves math and science and has a great perspective on the world.” “Giovanni has so much potential to do great things if he puts his mind to it. His focus is always on bigger and better things,” said Joshua.

Giovanni’s mother, Asteria is thrilled with this match. She has a great relationship with Joshua and they communicate regularly about how Giovanni is doing and work together to support him. Asteria shared that since being matched, Giovanni has become more open to trusting others and more respectful at home.

Giovanni loves having a Big Brother that he feels understands him and his favorite part of having a mentor is “having someone to talk to.”

When asked what he has learned from Giovanni, Joshua said, “That perspective is important in life. When Giovanni was transitioning schools he was excited to be at a new school but upset that he wouldn’t be with his friends and teachers. He told me ‘I could be upset about the things that I am losing, but I am going to choose to be excited about new things because I know new things can be good.’ And that showed me that I can do that too. I can choose to be positive about changes in my life.”

Giovanni hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement to help people in his community. Joshua’s biggest hope for Giovanni is “that he is afforded the opportunities to pursue his dreams and be of service to his community.”