Match Profile: Alysha and Ty

Date: January 20, 2023

Alysha and Ty’s match is a prime example of a relationship that does everything in its power to grow and stay strong. After patiently waiting a few months to receive a match, Alysha told us that BBBSL "could not have picked a more perfect Little Sister" for her. The two had an instant connection, spending the first few years becoming fast friends and having regular outings. During the third year of their match relationship, Alysha temporarily moved to Thailand to accept a teaching position. Although the pair were thousands of miles away, they remained connected and became great pen pals! Alysha and Ty wrote letters, sent postcards, and chatted over FaceTime.

When Alysha asked if Ty would prefer to have a new Big Sister because of the distance, Ty refused to be paired with anyone else because of the bond she had with Alysha. When Alysha returned to South Carolina, the two were again inseparable. Seeing each other now a couple of times a month, Ty and Alysha have been an incredible example of the bonds created through BBBSL.

When we asked Ty what her favorite aspect of the match relationship was, she simply replied, "Alysha is really my favorite person in the world. She really cares about me and loves spending time with me. She makes me feel really unique." When we asked Ty’s mom about her thoughts on the match, she stated, "We love Alysha! Even when she was so far away, she still made sure that she stayed connected with Ty. I would not trade her for any other Big Sister, she is the best!"

When asked to reflect on the past four years with Ty, Alysha said, "Being a Big is one of the greatest joys of my life. I knew being a mentor was one of my life callings, but when I signed up for the waiting list with BBBSL, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After a few months, I got a call that I had received a match and I was ecstatic. When Ty and I met for the first time, I knew immediately that BBBSL had done the perfect job; we were going to create a lifelong bond. Now all these years later - a whole lot of pizza, numerous games, countless activities, a few birthdays and memories to last a lifetime - I could not be more grateful for this life-changing opportunity BBBSL has given us both."